Monday, October 24, 2011

It had been that long

24 Oct

For the past races, August, September and the October ones, I had not been performing well at all. Beside August race, which I was obviously very tired out from my Taiwan holiday trip The other 2 races was just not good enough. What was really really awful was the October race when I thought I had good chances of some good result with a rebuilt engine, but ended nowhere near what I may be able to achieve.

First, the silly blunder of not getting the front wheels secured properly. That basically cost me and I started dead last.

Heat 1, The race was racing with Tony and Alan Smith. It was fun as I lost out initially to both of them, but managed to sneaked in front of them and stayed there until the chequered flag. It was really fun as all the three of us thoroughly enjoyed the close race actions.

However, I knew immediately something was not right. I was being bogged down at all exits. I only could use my kart positioning to defend my position.

I managed to do this successfully but this was not the case in Heat 2.

As the starting position depicts the three of us will have the same battle on the track again for sure. This time round, Tony promptly overtook me along with Alan at the earlier stages. I only managed to followed them and passed Alan at the last couple of laps. Obviously it was not as fun as Heat 1.

With all these problems on the track, I just had to find out what the problem(s) is as I do not think I could drive well and then dropped back to what I am.

Then it dawn upon me that the fuel pump could be the issue.
I rebuilt the pump, changed the pulse line and the engine seems to have it's life once again!!!

I am just awaiting for the next race to see what all these improvements will means in a race.

Can't wait also, as it will be the final race of the year, and the three guys fighting for the title will have to put out all they have!

6 Nov. Soon!
Below is the diagram I managed to discover on the correct order to rebuilt the Mikuni Fuel Pump which found on all Rotax Max engine.